Great friends and wonderful food,

bring the two together while you enjoy traveling to other countries from your dining room. Spend an evening encompassed in the beauty and diversity of cultures and cuisines from around the globe. Feast your palate on Greek “Moussaka,” French “Salt and Pepper Shrimp,” Japanese “Vegetarian Sushi,” or Caribbean “Jerk Chicken.” You will be amazed at the distinct flavors and aromas each country has to offer. Have fun! Laugh! Experience the calming beauty of Japanese gardens or liven it up with the sounds of Reggae of the Caribbean. Delve as far into the culture as you like. Our suggestion to aid you in having a true cultural evening is: dress typical of your featured country, be creative in your decorations and set your dining table according to the traditions of the country, play music indicative to that country. It is amazing what you will learn and experience about a land you’ve never visited but always longed to. Travel through ten countries to discovery culture, cuisine, costume and conversation. Your home becomes a safe place to enjoy the many faces of the unknown world. A two to three hour experience has been prearranged for you personal enjoyment.

Learn the culture, cuisine and costumes

from ten countries while enjoying close friends, music, trivia, and interactive questions.
Escape to a place of sandy beaches, romantic music, Mardi Gras, or Greek gods, to experience first hand the culture, cuisine and costume of the world in which you live.